Daily Routine

A typical playschool day includes the following activities though not necessarily in that order.  Activities are planned around themes.  A monthly calendar is prepared by the teacher(s) to keep you informed of the day’s events and to request any special items the children may need to bring.

Circle time:
Greet the children as they arrive and check attendance
Show and tell
Variety of songs or rhymes.
Talk about the days themes, special eventss combined with a short lesson.

Free play time:
Free to play at any of the various centers around the room.
Craft table – crafts related to the day’s theme
Rotating activity tables – featuring math, science, writing or listening activities.
Water table and bead/sand table – activities may be planned to coincide with theme.
Paint centre, play-dough table.
Games, books and puzzles.
Playhouse, doll house, blocks, building toys, vehicles and animal toys etc.
Snack time will be offered during free play time.

Clean-up time:
Children are encouraged to help put toys and the day’s activities away.

Story time:
Story book is read.
Music or quiet group game may be played.

Movement activities:
Indoor activities to include games, music and movement, parachute games.
Outdoor activities include walks in the neighborhood

Transition time:
To ease flow between activities, teachers often sing songs, play group games or do finger plays.  This tends to help children move from one activity into the next.